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*·-··-»¦«-*:·.NeNaS PrEcIoSaS.·:*-»¦«-··-·*


"Sh0w St0pp3R""Sh0w St0pp3R"

*·-··-»¦«-*:·Las NeNas De FiLeToPia·:*-»¦«-··-·*

>>w3lc0m3 2 0ur Pag3<<

**LaS NeNas De FiLeToPiA**

This lil message for all ya'll that dont got nice things to say bout us...que carajo hacen aki then? ya'll take your bullshit and bad vibes to someone who carez cuz we look good and we knows it so si NO TE CAEMOS BIEN believe me honey its your loss

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